Our goal at Sigatoka River Safari is to help improve the village’s living standards. We have achieved this to date with the help of our guests, as part of the proceeds from the tour is contributed directly to the various villages we visit. This sees these monies go entirely to these remote villages and allows them to be used by the villages in their various village projects. This process enables self determination for the villagers and has provided them the ability to meet all their social and cultural obligations, without placing strain on the individual village members and families.

The company visits a different village each of the week with villages hosting once a week for 6 months.  We have a set of 6 villages during the dry season from May to October and another set of 6 villages during the wet season from  November to April.

To date, many have invested in water projects, electrification, education of their children, health initiatives and many more exciting projects that have improved their quality of life. These benefits have also assisted with their traditional obligations when it comes to marriage, funerals and the traditional act of giving or ‘soli’.

The improvement in the day to day lives of the people has been significant and this is a direct result of this true community based tourism initiative that is the Sigatoka River Safari.