Fiji is a beautiful land made up of aquamarine lagoons, lush rainforests, mountains and a 1,000 miles of white, sandy beaches. Fiji is made up of over 300 islands, scattered across 200,000 square miles of ocean and laced with coral reefs amid tropical waters and drenched with natural beauty. The larger of the islands were formed from volcanoes and the smaller ones are coral, limestone or sand cays.

People in Fiji are a mixture of Polynesian, Melanesian Micronesian, Indian, Chinese and European culture. For nearly 50 years, until the military coup of 1987, the indigenous people of Fiji represented an ethnic minority in their own land. The tropical islands of Fiji enjoy temperatures ranging between 75 and 90 degrees during the day with humidity and a cooling ocean breeze.

Fiji is sheer paradise and we invite you to relax and enjoy our beautiful corner of the world. Listen to the birdsong and the beautiful Fijian language, revitalise yourself by breathing the fresh air and delight your senses with the lush taste of the organic fruit and vegetables. Fiji is a country rich in traditional culture and uses a native language making it uniquely diverse. English is the official language but Fijian and Hindustani are also used.

The horseshoe-shaped collection of islands is in the same time zone as New Zealand and has a population of around 800,000 inhabitants, which is made up of 50% of Fijians, 47% of Indians and with South Pacific Islanders, Europeans and Chinese making up the remaining 3%. Casual dress is acceptable during both day and night so it is worth filling your suitcase with t-shirts, shorts, light cotton dresses and swimwear. It is advisable to bring a jacket for the cooler evenings.

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An excellent experience combining the fun and excitement of the jet boat ride (well done Captain Leb!) with well presented information about the area and it’s people. The scenery was amazing and the village visit was delightful. Unforgettable. Thanks so much.Mark B